The Ants of Africa
Genus Anoplolepis
Anoplolepis (Anoplolepis) gracilipes (F Smith)

Subgenus Anoplolepis

Anoplolepis (Anoplolepis) gracilipes (F Smith)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type locality Singapore (Formica Longipes n. s., Jerdon, 1851: 122, worker, type location India; replacement name Formica gracilipes, F Smith, 1857a: 55, worker, from Singapore; gracilipes as junior synonym of longipes, Emery 1887a: 247; Mayr, 1867a: 73, queen; in Anoplolepis Emery, 1925b: 17; replacement name designated (?) by Bolton, 1995: 67) .

{Anoplolepis gracilipes}Jerdon's (1851) description (as Formica longipes) is at {original description}. Smith's (1857a) description (as Formica gracilipes) is at {original description}. Mayr's (1867a) fuller description (as Plagiolepis gracilipes) is at {original description}.

{Anoplolepis gracilipes} The photomontage is of a syntype worker; collated from

{Anoplolepis gracilipes}A reportedly pan-tropical and often very troublesome tramp species. Wheeler, 1922: 933, lists it from Zanzibar, Tanzania, citing Mayr (1895: 149), collector Dr Brauns, noting it as "P. longipes Jerd. (gracilipes SM.)". Earlier, it was listed by Stadelmann (1898), collected by Stuhlmann, a finding reiterated by Mayr 1893a). Mayr (1862: 698) reported gracilipes from Hong Kong.

Curiously, as it is the sole Anoplolepis described from outside Africa, there seem to be no reports from mainland Africa. Quite why Wilson & Taylor (1967: 84) should have written - "A. longipes is native to Africa and has been spread by human commerce thoughout most of the Old World tropics" - is strange, as they provided no evidence or findings to support their statement.

Further information and excellent images can be found at, from where the montage (right) has been compiled. Note the citation of the misinformation in Wilson & Taylor (1987) see above.

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