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Mosaics - Nigeria - Associations between ant species at CRIN, 1975

Names revised as at 2004 - Tapinoma lugubre was Technomyrmex detorquens or species T; Lepisiota cacozela was Acantholepis species T; Camponotus haereticus was Camponotus f. dorsalis; Crematogaster painei was Crematogaster species A; Pheidole nigeriensis was Pheidole minima/species B; Paratrechina zelotypa was Paratrechina species 1; Paratrechina grisoni was Paratrechina species 3. Further, 2005, Lepisiota ? capensis = Lepisiota guineensis.

{positive associations between ants in Nigeria}

{negative associations between ants in Nigeria}

Note: associations between species were testable only if the species occurred together.

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