The Ants of Africa
Genus Axinidris
Axinidris ghanensis Shattuck

Axinidris ghanensis Shattuck

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Ghana (Shattuck, 1991: 114, not illustrated, worker); holotype worker collected at the Mampong Cemetery site (P.M. Room) .

WORKER - HL 0.83, HW 0.76, SL 0.66, PW 0.34
Pronotum with 2 erect hairs; erect hairs on gastric tergites only on segment 4; body colour reddish-brown, propodeum darker, mandibles and antennae yellowish-red, petiole reddish-yellow anteriorly and translucent posteriorly, tarsi yellow .

{Axinidris ghanensis} The photomontage is of the holotype worker; collated from

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