The Ants of Africa
Genus Axinidris
Axinidris murielae Shattuck

Axinidris murielae Shattuck

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Cameroun (Shattuck, 1991: 116, head, alitrunk and propodeal views, worker); holotype worker, plus one worker and queen paratype from Nko'emvon, D.A. Jackson - see .

{Axinidris murielae}WORKER - HL 0.76-0.91, HW 0.66-0.81, SL 0.56-0.66, PW 0.31-0.46
Erect or suberect hairs present on antennal scapes; body colour reddish-brown . Specimens from Ghana noticeably smaller than those known from Cameroun (Shattuck, 1991).

Also from Ghana, collected at Mampong Cemetery site (P.M. Room; but not identifiable from Room, 1971) (Shattuck, 1991).

{Axinidris murielae}The photomontage is collated from -
Collection details - Locality: Gabon: Prov. Ogooue-Maritime; Aire d'Exploit. Rationnelle de Faune des Monts Doudou, 25.2 km, 304 NW Doussala; 0213'39"S 01023'40"E, 640m. Collection Information: Collection codes: BLF2246. Date: 14 Mar 2000. Collected by: B.L.Fisher. Method: EC30 beating low vegetation. Habitat: rainforest. Transect Type: Beat 25 sample transect, 10m Transect Sample No.: 5.

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