The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Forel 1886f Angola Chinchoxo Dr Falkenstein new species; soldier, worker & queen
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Forel 1886f Gabon   M Buchner 1 major
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Mayr 1895x Cameroun   H Brauns male (new description) coll 25.iii.1892
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Mayr 1895x Sierra Leone Chutes de Samlia, R N'Gami   male
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Mayr 1896x Cameroun   Y Sjostedt workers
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Forel 1901h Gabon Ssibanga; Sette Soyaux; Hupfer workers
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Forel 1909b Zaire Lomani; Yambema Mabote   queens
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Santschi 1910c Congo Brazzaville A Weiss worker & queen
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Forel 1910f Fernando Po   L Schultze workers & soldiers
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Stitz 1910x Cameroun Mundame; Nssanakang L Conradt; Rudatis soldiers & workers
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Forel 1911f Zaire Kasai Kondue; Lukula E Luja; Daniel queens
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Forel 1913b Zaire Beni; Kasai Kondue Borgerhoff; E Luja workers
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Forel 1913h Zaire Dungu, Mayumbe; Mayumbe, Congo da Lemba; Deleval; R Mayne; de Briey all forms
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Santschi 1914c Cameroun Doula A Reichensperger  
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Santschi 1914d Cameroun Victoria F Silvestri 3 workers
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Stitz 1916x Congo Sibange, Sette-Cama Soyaux; Hupfer  
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Forel 1916x Zaire Lumbulumbu H Kohl all forms; catching termites
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Stitz 1916x Zaire Kimuenza; Libenge, Ubangi District Schultze; Schubotz numerous workers; 7-15 mm; 13-15.ix.1910; 25.x.1910
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Stitz 1916x Cameroun Yukaduma Schultze numerous workers; 7-15 mm; iii-iv.1911
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Stitz 1916x Fernando Po ? Schultze numerous workers; 7-15 mm; 12-27.viii.1911
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Wheeler 1922x Zaire many locations Lang & Chapin; J Bequaert all forms
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Wheeler 1925b Zaire Ituri Y Sjostedt & W Leche 1 dealate queen
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Menozzi 1933a Uganda Bussu Busoga, Buvuma & Bugala E Bayon Several workers, one male & two queens
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Santschi 1937b Cameroun Missellele F Zumpt 2 workers
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Weber 1943c Sudan Lotti Forest; high forest on W slopes of Mt Imatong N A Weber few soldiers & workers
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Weber 1964x Zaire Epulu A E Emerson from old termite fungus gardens; 14.v.1948
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Room 1971x Ghana Mampong; five canopy survey locations; Kade P Room; J D Majer workers; Majer (1975x)
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Dejean 1992x Cameroun Campo Forest Dejean, Belin & McKey canopy species in survey; 20/167 trees
Camponotus (Tanae.) brutus Taylor 2005w Nigeria CRIN B Taylor mainly on forest trees, occasionally on cocoa
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