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Genus Camponotus subgenus Mayria
Camponotus (Mayria) repens Forel

Camponotus (Mayria) repens Forel

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Madagascar (Mayria madagascarensis n. sp., Forel 1886c: civ), minor worker; Forel (1894e: 227) major worker, who subsequently gave the species the replacement name repens (Forel, 1897c: 187; see Bolton, 1995) collected by M. Grandidier.

Included as the form used by Forel (1878: 369; 1879a: 115) in defining the (then) genus Mayria. Forel (1894e: 227, described the soldier) reduced it to the rank of subgenus of Camponotus.

{Camponotus (Mayria) repens major}Forel's (1886c) description is at {original description} Forel's (1894e) further descriptions are at {original description}

WORKER - TL 4.7 mm; frontal carinae near straight slightly S-shaped, very strongly divergent and far apart; posteriorly closer to sides of head than to each other. Head quite small, more or less oval (may be minor worker). Mandibles slender. Eyes large. Clypeus carinated, anteriorly produced with a rounded lobe. Frontal area wide but short. Thorax like that of a small normal Camponotus. Pronotum slightly flattened, almost as wide as the head. Declivity of propodeum very short. Petiole node a rounded cube, slightly anteriorly inclined. Shiny, very finely reticulate. Thorax and abdomen feebly transversely striated, longitudinally on the sides of the thorax. Few but sparse yellowish erect hairs; pubescence also sparse but quite long, a little raised on the legs and scapes, almost none elsewhere. Black, mandible rust; antennae and tarsi yellow-rust, except extremities of scapes and funiculi which are brown. Articulations of legs and posterior border of gaster segments yellow to whitish. From Madagascar, collector M Grandidier, some time before 1878.

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