The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Emery 1899e Cameroun   L Conradt new description, major workers
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Forel 1909b Congo Kinshasa Waelbroek queens
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Forel 1909b Zaire Katanga; Kasai Lemaire; queens
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Forel 1909b Zaire Sankuru, Kassai E Luja workers & queens
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Forel 1910e Congo Nyangwe-Stanleyville E Fauconnet  
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Stitz 1910x Cameroun Mundame L Conradt soldiers & workers
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Stitz 1910x Zaire Kimpoko Buttner soldiers & workers
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Forel 1913h Zaire Boma Lt Styczinski minor worker
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Forel 1915c Zaire St Gabriel, nr Stanleyville H Kohl small workers, on verge of forest
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Forel 1916x Zaire Lumbulumbu H Kohl workers, in hollow tree
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Santschi 1937d Angola Lunda Dr Monard 2 workers & 2 soldiers
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Menozzi 1942c Eq. Guinea Rio Benito   workers & one queen
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon Menozzi 1942c Fernando Po     workers & one queen
Camponotus (Tanae.) solon jugurtha Wheeler 1922x Zaire Batama Lang & Chapin new variety, workers

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