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Genus Cataulacus
Cataulacus mocquerysi André

Cataulacus mocquerysi André

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server}Type location Sierra Leone (Cataulacus Mocquerysi nov. sp., André, 1889: 229, worker; Bolton, 1974a: 48, queen, illustrated, worker) probably by A. Mocquerys, who collected at 'Riv.N' Gamie, Chutes de Samlia - see below - "type specimen" on Antweb is wrong.
junior synonym nainei (Cataulacus Mocquerysi And. v. Nainei n. v., Forel, 1918a: 724, worker) from Zaïre, collected by H Kohl - see below.
worker and queen known (see Bolton, 1995) .

André's (1889) description is at {original description}. Forel's (1918a) description of nainei is at {original description} Bolton's modern description (1974a) is at {original description}

{Cataulacus mocquerysi} Nigeria specimen (Taylor, 1979: 13). WORKER. TL 4.0-5.5 mm, HL 1.00-1.40, HW 1.12-1.54, SL 0.60-0.72, PW 1.02-1.48
Occipital corners with one or two small denticles, sides of head behind the eyes denticulate or only crenulate. Sculpturation of head and dorsal alitrunk a fine, loose rugo-reticulation. Stout erect hairs on all dorsal surfaces. Pronotum marginate laterally, margins with a few rather large denticles and posterolaterally with a flattened expanded lobe with one or two denticles on its posterior border. Mesonotum with one or two large denticles laterally. Propodeal spines reduced to a pair of very short teeth, usually blunt apically. Petiole and postpetiole strongly flattened dorsoventrally in dorsal view both broadly and stoutly V-shaped. Subpetiolar process with a distinct posteroventral spur or heel.

Described as a small, relatively uncommon species, nesting in hollow twigs on bushes and trees, by Bolton (1974a, illustrated, full-face head and dorsal alitrunk) but see below.

In Nigeria, found once on a cocoa tree, at Olukunle, to the north-east of Ibadan, in our 76-farm survey (Taylor & Adedoyin, 1978). Earlier from CRIN perhaps on <0.25% of cocoa in pkd collections from two cocoa blocks, W13/2 and W18/1 by Booker (1968) and by Bolton (1974a).

From Ghana, at CRIG (B. Bolton) and Bunso (D. Leston) (Bolton, 1974a). Collected by Room (1971) (as Cataulacus species K, but defined by Bolton, 1974) from cocoa trees and on the ground around such trees, at the Mamfe-Mampong cocoa farm in Ghana. His report includes reference to it nesting in cocoa canopy. It also occurred in 27 of his 168 canopy samples at other farms; with a negative association with Crematogaster africana and a positive association with Crematogaster clariventris. From cocoa mistletoe (Room, 1975). On cocoa at Kade by Majer (1975, 1976b), using pkd, in 99/144 samples from his main study plot, with 25-39 workers per sample.

Also known from scattered locations from Liberia, at Cape Mount, Bendija, Reputa and Harbel (W.H. Mann). From Cameroun (Bolton, 1982, no details, probably D.A. Jackson). Also from Zaïre (Bolton, 1974a).

Cataulacus mocquerysi naineiThe photomontage of the nainei type worker is collated from

The specimen at appears to be mislabelled and differs from any known African species (note the total lack of erect hairs - contrary to the type description of short yellow hairs all over).

Oxford University Museum specimens

Cataulacus mocquerysi
B Taylor det.
E Poirier
Yekepa Camp 4
Nimba County
07°33’04" N
08°33’17" E
SLAM trap
Floodplain & marsh
501 m asl
Cataulacus mocquerysi
B Taylor det.
Ivory Coast
Erena Dupont
Taï National Park
5˚45'00" N
7˚07'00" W
Cataulacus mocquerysi
B Taylor det.
Central African Republic
P Moretto
PN Ndoki
02˚28'39" N
22˚01'20" E
forêt à Gilbertiodendron, piège malaise
Cataulacus mocquerysi
B Taylor det.

Rep. of Congo
D De Bakker & JP Michiels
ex Y Braet

05°37'16" S
13°05'54" E
266 m asl
Canopy fogging


{Cataulacus mocquerysi}The photomontage is of a worker from Liberia, collector E Poirier (Yekepa Camp 4 SLAM 2).

{Cataulacus mocquerysi}The photomontage is of a worker from Ivory Coast, collector Erena Dupont.

{Cataulacus mocquerysi}The photomontage is of a worker from Congo, collector D Michaels, ex Yves Braet.

{Cataulacus mocquerysi queen}The photomontage is of a queen from the Central Afrcan Republic, collector P Moretto.

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