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Genus Crematogaster
Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) liebknechti Forel - new status

Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) liebknechti Forel - new status

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Zare (Cremastogaster pronotalis Sant. v. Liebknechti n. var., Forel, 1915c: 340, worker; variety of luctans by Menozzi, 1942: 169, list only) collected at St Gabriel, by Kohl - see below.

Forel's (1915c) description of liebknechti (as variety of pronotalis) was -
WORKER - TL 3.4-3.6 mm; (comparisons with kneri var. dakarensis) head much less square, with more convex sides. Smaller. Petiole anterior angles much less prominent. Propodeal spines shorter and less divergent. Otherwise similar. Collected by Kohl at St, Gabriel, Kisangani, Zare, from in a dessicated branch of a citrus tree.

Crematogaster liebknechtiWheeler (1922) who described a finding of liebknechti (as a variety of pronotalis) and had the illustration (right), noted it was found at two locations in Zare, with the collector's comment - "builds small carton tents on blades of grass. It is common in swamps, from three to five feet above water level".

{Crematogaster liebknechti}The photomontage of a type worker is collated from

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