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Genus Crematogaster
Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) pronotalis Santschi - revived status

Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) pronotalis Santschi - revived status

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Nigeria (Cremastogaster pronotalis n. sp., Santschi, 1914d: 347, illustrated, worker) collected at Olokemeji, by F. Silvestri, 1913; placement of pronotalis as a variety (not subspecies of kneri by Santschi. 1926b) - see below
Junior synonym (here) atraplex (Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) bequaerti For. variety atraplex Santschi new variety, in Wheeler, 1922: 155, worker) from Zare, Yakuluku, by Lang & Chapin - see below

Santschi's (1914d) description of pronotalis, with dakarensis, is at {original description}

Santschi's (1915c) description of pronotalis variety funerea was -
WORKER - differing from other varieties of the species by its brown black colour; the thorax and head being almost black; the appendages rust. Dorsum of head smooth, postclypeal notch weaker, reticulation on thoracic dorsum slightly stronger. Scape slightly surpassing the occiput. Pronotum less shouldered; mesonotum dropping less sharply posteriorly and median carina effaced; propodeum slightly wider between the spines. Petiole node with a longer anterior edge. Specimens from Cameroun, Molundu, by Dr. Bishmann.

{Crematogaster kneri pronotalis} The photomontage of the pronotalis type worker is collated from

{Crematogaster atraplex} The photomontage of the atraplex type worker is collated from

Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) bequaerti For. variety atraplex Santschi new variety; in Wheeler (1922: 155). Described as: "Length 4 mm. Rather dull yellow; gaster, postpetiole and femora yellowish brown; tips of the epinotal spines brownish black. In other respects like the type of the species and the var. mutabilis (Santschi), but the median impression of the pronotum is feebler. The dark tips of the spines contrast with the pale color of the thorax.” (Santschi). A dozen workers from Yakuluku (Lang and Chapin).

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