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Genus Crematogaster
Crematogaster (Oxygyne) santschii Forel

Crematogaster (Oxygyne) santschii Forel

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Zaïre (Cremastogaster Santschii n. sp., Forel, 1913b: 322, worker) collected at Kondué by Luja - see below
junior synonyms (here)
clymene (Cremastogaster Santschii For. var. Clymene n. var., Forel, 1915c: 337, worker) from South Africa, Durban, Natal, C B Cooper - see
trautweini (Cremastogaster (Oxygyne) trautweini n. sp., Viehmeyer, 1914c: 33, worker; combination in Cr. (Acrocoelia) by Emery, 1922e: 148) from Cameroun, collected by H. Trautwein (in Bolton, 1995: 166, it is listed under the subgenus Crematogaster
Worker only described (Bolton, 1995) .

{Crematogaster santschii}Forel's (1913b) description is at {original description}. Forel's (1915c) description of clymene is at {original description}. Arnold (1920a: 540) gave a translation of clymene, this is at {original description}.

Wheeler (1922, with the species under Oxygyne) also had records from Congo da Lemba by H. Mayné.

Very smooth and very shiny (Forel, 1913b).

{Crematogaster (Oxygyne) santschii}The photomontage of a the type worker is collated from

The clymene worker on Antweb is a near exact match in all aspects.

Viehmeyer's (1914c) description of trautweini is at {original description}. The comparison is with Cr. (Oxygyne) daisyi Forel (1901e: 376; type location Borneo) - mis-spelt by Viehmeyer as Cr. daysii. Emery (1922e) gave it as a variety of Cr. santschii but it is solely as an entry in his synoptic catalogue.

Crematogaster trautweiniThe photomontage of the holotype is collated from

Oxford University Museum specimens

Crematogaster (Oxygyne) santschii
B Taylor det.

Yves Braet

3°27'80.4" S
15°46'54.5" E
fine carton nest on savannah grass
Crematogaster (Oxygyne) trautweini
B Taylor det. is striatula

Central African Republic
P Annoyer

03°55’13.2" N
16°36’46.1" E
U.V : 2h-6h, après Sefka (entre Bambio et croisement Nola/Berberati), dans layon forestier;
from on a reduviid bug; collected in forest, 1st hour of the morning; 536m asl
Crematogaster (Oxygyne) trautweini
B Taylor det. is striatula
E Zassi
03°16'24.8" S
015°28'08.2" E
Gallery Forest; 24h pitfall trap

Crematogaster santschii workerThe photomontage is of a worker from Congo, Lesio Louna; collector Yves Braet.

{Crematogaster trautweini}The photomontage is of a specimen from the Central African Republic, Dzanga-Sangha National Park; collector Philippe Annoyer (CAR DN). 

{rematogaster trautweini}The photomontage is of a worker from Congo, Réserve de Lésio-Lounat; collector Eric Zassi (Crematogaster sp5).

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