The Ants of Africa
Genus Discothyrea
Discothyrea hlavaci Taylor new species

Discothyrea hlavaci Taylor new species

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DESCRIPTION OF QUEEN (or gyne): antennae 11-segmented; head in full face view near rectangular, with short frontal carinae; anterior margin of clypeus evenly arcuate (matching the Brown, 1958g, description of a simple convex or angular vertical plate); eyes relatively small and ovoid; only anterior ocellus distinct, posterior pair only just distinguishable; quite slender; pronotum near vertical almost lacking in any horizontal prtion; mesonotum dorsum near flat; petiole from above near rectangular, ca 1.3 X wider than long, anterior face weakly convex, posterior face weakly concave; apparently lacking any ventral process;  gaster parallel-sided, especially the first segment; with no visible erect hairs, minute pubescence visible on the funiculi and gaster but not obvious elsewhere; sculpturation of fine spiculation, giving a semi-matt appearance; colour distinctively darker than other species, with much of the gaster very dark brown 

TL ca 2.8 mm; HW ca 0.5, HL 0.63, CI = 1.25, SL ca 0.42, SI = 86, EL 0.1

The 11-segmented antennae and close proximity of the frontal carinae place this close to Discothyrea traegaordhi Santschi (1914e: 3) of which only the worker has been reported or described.  According to Santschi, however, that has much coarser sculpturation and a pronounced subpetiolar process.

Named in recognition of the collector, Dr Peter Hlavác.

Specimen deposited in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Oxford University Museum specimens

Discothyrea hlavaci n.sp.
B Taylor det.

South Africa
Peter Hlavác

33°59.39' S
20°48.32' E
Western Cape, Grootvadersbosch N.R., S  E ; 350 m

{Discothyrea poweri queen}The photomontage is of the holotype specimen from South Africa, Western Cape, Grootvadersbosch N.R.; 350 m; S 33°59.39' E 20°48.32'; Peter Hlavác; 25-26.i.2004.

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