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Distribution Records - Guinea Bissau

Excel 2003 spreadsheet - Guinea Bissau spreadsheet

Subfamily Species Author year location Collector Habits
DORYLINAE Dorylus (D.) affinis Forel 1909b Bambaya Lucas workers
DORYLINAE Dorylus (D.) affinis Wheeler 1922xr   Landana  
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Myrmosericus) vestitus perpectitus Santschi 1926b Conakry Le Moult worker
MYRMICINAE Monomorium bicolor Forel 1907e   Knipping workers
MYRMICINAE Pyramica (Serra.) maynei Bolton 1983x Bolama L Fea workers
PONERINAE Pachycondyla (Palto.) tarsata Forel 1909b Isle de Piscis Lucas workers

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