The Ants of Africa
Genus Dorylus - Subgenus Anomma
Dorylus (Anomma) burmeisteri Shuckard - male

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{Dorylus burmeisteri male} Male illustration from Emery (1910b).

The Emery male has -
Dark smoky black wings;
The alitrunk dorsum has a shiny brown pubescence?
An evenly and relatively shallowly domed head, with relatively larger eyes and a concave margin across between the anterior of the compound eyes;
Tthe petiole profile has a steep and continouus curve from the anterior to the posterior dorsal margin (effectively there is no dorsal face, the ventral process has a weakly concave anterior at about 60° and the posterior is straight.

{Dorylus burmeisteri male} Ivory Coast Male - photomontage collated from photographs of a specimen from the Ivory Coast, collected by Caspar Schoning; Collection Information: CASENT0172641; Locality: Ivory Coast: Taï NP; Collection codes: ANTC7481; Collected by: Y. Möbius; Habitat: at light "South Camp"" Field Station MPI EVA; 5°50.33" N 19°23" W, vi,2006

From the Emery drawings and the colour of the major worker mandible (Schoning/Antweb and my own) this seems more likely to be a burmeisteri male, otherwise not known from photos.

{Dorylus burmeisteri male}The photomontage of what appears to be a reasonable match to the descriptions is of a specimen from the Central African Republic, Boda-N'Goto; 27.v.1998, 1800-0500h; U.V; PK 35, RCA; collector Philippe Annoyer.

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