The Ants of Africa
Genus Dorylus - Subgenus Alaopone
Dorylus (Alaopone) diadema Gerstäcker

Dorylus (Alaopone) diadema Gerstäcker

return to key Males - return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type locality Mozambique (Dorylus diadema n. sp., Gerstäcker, 1859: 261, male) - no images on Antweb (July 2014)
arnoldi (Dorylus (Alaopone) diadema Gerst. r. Arnoldi n. stirps, Forel, 1914d: 216, male; Arnold, 1948: 217, illustrated, workers) from Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, G Arnold - see below
fusciceps (Dorylus (Shuckardia) diadema Gerst.. var. fusciceps n. var., Emery, 1899e: 463, male) from Malawi - no images on Antweb (July 2014)
workers and male known (see Bolton, 1995) .

{Dorylus (Alaopne) diadema}Gerstaecker's (1859) description is -
"Dorylus diadema, n.sp.; pedunculo abdominis quadrato, mandibulis triangularibus, dilatatis, pallide ferrugineus, capite pedibus rufis, fascia verticali nigra: thorace supra nitido, subtiler sericeo, abdomine opaco, albido-pruinoso. Long. lin. 9½-10. Mas."

Gerstaecker's (1859) description is at {original description}. Emery (1895j) provided illustrated notes on the diadema s.s. male; this is at {original description}; Forel (1899b: 309) gave further comments on the diadema s.s. male; these are at {original description}; Forel's (1914d) description of the arnoldi male is at {original description}. Arnold (1915: 134) gave a translation; this is {original description}; Arnold's (1948) description of the presumed workers of arnoldi is at {original description}; probably media and minors only. Emery's (1899e) brief description of fusciceps is at {original description} - this mentions a specimen from Congo (collector v. Volxem) that seemed likely to be of this species.

{Dorylus diadema male genitalia}TL 20-20.3 mm, HW 3.3, HL 1.9, PW 3.0, anterior wing 15.5; pale testaceous yellow; head red, the vertex black; wings feebly smoky brown, stigma strongly brown; eye and facets almost smooth; head matt and abundantly puncturate, frontal area smooth and shiny; alitrunk, petiole and gaster abundantly puncturate and semi-shiny; pubescence semi-decumbent, abundant all over, save apex of gaster; yellow silky pilosity abundant on lower parts, posterior of alitrunk and petiole.

{Dorylus diadema arnoldi male} The photomontage is of the arnoldi type male collated from

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