The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Dorylus (D.) spininodis Emery 1901c Cameroun ? L Conradt new species, worker
Dorylus (D.) spininodis Santschi 1910c Congo Brazzaville A Weiss worker
Dorylus (D.) spininodis Santschi 1910g Nigeria Benin J de Gaulle worker
Dorylus (D.) spininodis Santschi 1914b Uganda Toro Province, nr Fort Portl C Alluaud workers
Dorylus (D.) spininodis Santschi 1914d Nigeria Olokomeji Silvestri 4 workers
Dorylus (D.) spininodis Santschi 1914d Cameroun Victoria Silvestri 3 workers
Dorylus (D.) spininodis Bernard 1952x Guinea Keoulenta Lamotte 10 minor workers; 27.iii.1942
Dorylus (D.) spininodis Taylor 2005w Nigeria CRIN B Taylor nesting & foraging in dead wood
Dorylus (D.) spininodis Taylor 2006w Gabon Estuaire, Pongara National Park ex Yves Braet major & media workers, nesting in sea turtle nest
Dorylus (D.) spininodis longiceps Viehmeyer 1914c Tanzania Manow Langenberg types; workers of various sizes
Dorylus (D.) spininodis longiceps punctus Santschi 1937d Angola Lunda Dr Monard several workers
Dorylus (D.) spininodis punctus Santschi 1933b Zaire Kasai, Makumbi H Schouteden new variety, workers
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