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The location of ant collection areas in Ghana, Togo and Benin
{Map of Ghana, Togo & Benin}

Click area for detailed map of southern Ghana

Ref. No. Location Ref. No. Location Ref. No. Location
1 Koforidua 2 CRIG, Tafo 3 Kade
4 Mole Game Reserve 5 Tumu 6 Djougou
7 Kouandé 8 Palimé, Klouto 9 Kitta or Keto
10 Sokodé 11 Agouagon

In Togo, Misahöhe is just west of Palimé.

In Benin, Tové is not shown

In Ghana, Addo is just east of Kitta; the Akwapim Hills are just north-west of Accra.

The inner rectangle denotes the area shown in the map of the Belshaw & Bolton (1994b) survey; that map and the even greater scale map of the Room survey area show most of the collections from cocoa growing areas.

The accuracy of the positions are approximate within the limitations of the map scale.

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