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Genus Hypoponera
Hypoponera abeillei (André)

Hypoponera abeillei (André)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Corsica (Ponera abeillei, from Ajaccio, André, 1881a: 61, worker; Santschi, 1921e: 167, illustrated, male), combination in P. (Hypoponera) by Santschi, 1938b; in Hypoponera by Taylor, 1967)
Worker and male described (see Bolton, 1995).
Known from the Mediterranean region and Cameroun (Bernard, 1952); no details given but latter may be from Santschi (1914d) and, thus may be Hypoponera cammerunensis .

{Hypoponera abeillei}André's (1881a) description is at {original description}. Bondroit (1918) gave an illustrated description, this is at {original description}. Santschi's (1921e) illustrated description of the male is at {original description}.

Syntypes were examined by Seifert (2003b), who confirmed this as a good species.

WORKER - TL 2.3-2.5 mm; petiole scale thick, not narrowing towards the apex; mandibles with 4 large teeth and 7-12 denticles (after Bernard, 1952).

Collingwood (1985), reporting it from Saudi Arabia, noted that this small yellowish brown species is characterised by the flat outline of the alitrunk dorsum which has only a very slight metanotal impression.

Bolton & Fisher's consideration can be found in

They noted: In the Afrotropical key abeillei runs out with Hypoponera meridia, a South African species. Superficially the two are similar, but they are easily distinguished by the characters mentioned in the key.

{Hypoponera abeillei}The photomontage of the type worker is collated from

{Hypoponera abeillei}The photomontage is collated from

Hypoponera abeillei male
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