The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Hypoponera dulcis Forel 1907a Tanzania Arusha-Chini Katona new species, holotype worker
Hypoponera dulcis Forel 1910c Eritrea Nefasit Escherisch  
Hypoponera dulcis Forel 1913j Zimbabwe Bulawayo G Arnold workers
Hypoponera dulcis Santschi 1914b Tanzania New Moschi, Mt Kilimanjaro, 800m Alluaud & Jeannel workers
Hypoponera dulcis Santschi 1914b Kenya Shimoni, Cave A C Alluaud worker
Hypoponera dulcis Menozzi 1933a Uganda Bugala E Bayon numerous
Hypoponera dulcis Bernard 1952x Guinea Mt Nimba, Nion & NE Forest Lamotte; Villiers workers & queens; from leaf litter
Hypoponera dulcis Prins 1963x SA Transvaal - Kruger national park A J Prins workers
Hypoponera dulcis aemula Santschi 1911c Tanzania Kilimanjaro, 1400 m; Tanga Cave C Alluaud new variety, worker, 1904
Hypoponera dulcis aemula Santschi 1914b Tanzania Kibosho & Tanga Alluaud & Jeannel workers
Hypoponera dulcis uncta Santschi 1914e SA Zululand, Dukudu Tragardh new strain, 1 worker, 27.vii.1905; in leaf litter
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