The Ants of Africa
Genus Hypoponera
Hypoponera urso´dea (Bernard)

Hypoponera urso´dea (Bernard)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Guinea (Ponera urso´dea n. sp., Bernard, 1952: 203, illustrated, worker & queen) from Mt. Nimba; holotype, 2 other workers and one queen from the crest of Nion, 1300 m, also one other worker simply marked "Nimba", collector Lamotte; worker and queen described; name apparently derived from the dense pilosity recalling that of ursa (new combination in Hypoponera, in Bolton, 1995, but spelt there as ursoidea) .

Bolton & Fisher (2011: 87) place it as a junior synonym of Hypoponera punctatissima, noting the specimen is a worker-queen intercaste.

{Hypoponera ursoidea}WORKER (after Bernard, 1952) - TL 2.4-2.8 mm, HL 0.72, HW 0.45
Colour deep red-brown, head even darker, appendages yellow-ochre; generally matt, dull, due to recumbent white hairs, dense over all the body. Head and gaster very finely reticulo-punctate, thorax smoother. Head elongated, sides slightly convex, vertex concave; eyes of 3-4 facets, placed about one-fifth of side back from mandibles; antennal scape not reaching the vertex by about its own width. Clypeus similar to cognata, slightly convex, short, anterior border a light arc. Mandibles with 3 anterior teeth, remainder denticles, as with cognata. Propodeum small, both faces convex, declivity about twice the length of the dorsum; without margination or even darkened edges (cognata has clear black margins). Petiole scale high and slender, seen dorsally a little thicker than that of cognata.

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