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Genus Leptanillina
Leptanilla boltoni Baroni Urbani

Leptanilla boltoni Baroni Urbani

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Ghana (Baroni Urbani, 1977c: 465, illustrated, worker); worker only known .

Leptanilla boltoniDescribed by Baroni Urbani (1977c: 465), with good illustrations of the full length dorsal view (Fig. 30) and alitrunk and pedicel profile (Fig. 27). His description is at {original description}.
WORKER - TL 1.1-1.2 mm, HL 0.25-0.26, HW 0.18-0.19, SL 0.10-0.13, PW not given
Distinguished by the ovoid shape of all major body sections when viewed from above. The anterior clypeal margin is similarly ovoid and overhangs the anterior border of the head. The petiole and postpetiole both have pronounced ventral processes. Colour variable from testaceous to brownish. Short palish pilosity covers the whole body, longer in the oral region.

The holotype and five other workers found at Mampong, Ghana, and were collected by Berlese funnel sampling on four dates in 1970 (P.M. Room). Clearly, this was the species listed as Leptanilla species A110 in soil and leaf litter under cocoa at the Mampong Cemetery farm by Room (1971).

Belshaw & Bolton (1994b) found 30 workers in a single soil sample, from a small patch of primary forest at Bunso. Erroneously described by them as the sole Afrotropical representative of the genus.

{Leptanilla boltoni}The photomontage of a worker from Ghana is collated from the site at
Type images are also available via the link.

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