The Ants of Africa
Genus Loboponera
Loboponera basalis Bolton & Brown

Loboponera basalis Bolton & Brown

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Ivory Coast (Bolton & Brown, 2002: 6, illustrated) Lamto, Toumodi, 5.iii.1968, in rotten wood, by J. Lévieux - paratype images at

worker and queen known .

{Loboponera basalis}The Bolton & Brown description is at {original description}.

WORKER - TL 5.9-6.6 mm, HL 1.11-1.16, HW 1.05-1.11, SL 1.00-1.08; alitrunk and gaster with erect hairs; distinguished by forward protruding antero-basal structure on first gastral tergite; also base of gaster deeply concave when seen from above.

Bolton & Brown (2002) also listed other findings from -
Ivory Coast, at Nzi Noua, on Ndouci-Toumodi Highway, about 21 km North of Ndouci, 1 worker, in rotten wood, by J. Lévieux; and at Iringou, by F. Krell.
In Ghana, two findings at Tafo, in rotten wood, by D. Leston, and on ground at the base of a tree, by B. Bolton.
From Cameroun, at Kala, by A Dejean.

{Loboponera basalis} The photomontage is collated from - originals by Gary Alpert, Harvard University; Ivory Coast specimens.

{Loboponera basalis}Photomontage collated from The specimen is from Gabon, Ogooue-Maritime Reserve, Moukalaba, 10.8 km 214° SW Doussala 110 m, 2°25.4'S 10°32.7'E, 29.ii.2000, B L Fisher#2154; sifted litter, rotten wood in rain forest

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