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Genus Loboponera
Loboponera vigilans Bolton & Brown

Loboponera vigilans Bolton & Brown

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server}Type location, Ivory Coast (Bolton & Brown, 2002: 7, illustrated, worker) Banco National Forest, nr Abidjan,, in rain forest, E.S. Ross & R.E. Leech, holotype plus 4 other workers - type images not on Antweb (October 2014).

worker and queen known .

The Bolton & Brown description is at {original description}.

{Loboponera vigilans}Nigeria specimens (as Bothroponera species nasica group, in Taylor 1976: 17) WORKER. TL 6.02 mm, HL 1.37, HW 1.06, SL 1.06, PW 0.81.
Colour red-brown. Characterised by the coarse overall sculpturation of large fovea or hair-pits arranged in longitudinal parallel lines. Mandibles with five teeth, apex of mandible prolonged so that apices cross over when mandibles closed. Second gastral segment vaulted so that remaining gastral segments are directed anteriorly. Small simple spurs on middle and hind tibiae much reduced. Specimens collected from rotting wood in Nigeria, by B. Bolton (listed in Bolton & Brown, 2002).

Other findings listed by Bolton & Brown (2002) were from -
Ivory Coast - Banco National Park (forest), nr Abidjan, 14.iii.1977, 1 worker, dead wood sample, I. Löbl; Tai Forest, 17.x.1980, 4 workers, V. Mahnert & J.-L. Perret; Agboville, Yapo Forest, nr Yapo-Gare, 21-22.vii.1977, 1 worker, forest litter, I. Löbl.
Nigeria, Gambari, 16.vii.1969, 6 workers, B. Bolton; IITA, nr Ibadan, 18.v.1981, 1 worker, secondary forest, No 2. A. Russell-Smith.
Cameroun, Nkoemvon, 24.iv.1980, D. Jackson; Mvini, Ottotomo and Pan Pan, all by A. Dejean.
Gabon, La Makandé, Forët des Abeilles, S. Lewis.
Zaďre, Kikwit, Kinzambi, A. Dejean.

{Loboponera vigilans}The photomontage is collated from Location Gabon, Woleu-Ntem, 31.3 km 108° ESE Minvoul, 600 m, 2°04'48"N 12°24'24"E, 07.ii.1998, B L Fisher#1648; sifted litter, leaf mold, rotten wood in rain forest

A further set of photographs of a paratype is on The specimen is from Nigeria: nr. Ibadan IITA, no.7-24 for.; Collection Information: Collection codes: ANTC4572; Date: 18 May 1981; Collected by: A.Russell-Smith

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