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Genus Messor
Messor denticornis Forel

Messor denticornis Forel

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Namibia (Messor denticornis n.sp., Forel, 1910f, illustrated, worker, queen & male) Luderitzbucht, 1903 - see below and
junior synonyms
brunni (Messor denticornis Forel, var. Brunni n, var., Forel, 1910e: 444) from Namibia, collector Brunn - see
parvidens (Messor denticornis var. parvidens n, var., Forel, 1910f: 15, worker) from Namibia, Kubub, L Schultze - see
see Bolton (1982: 349, illustrated - shown below but clearly inaccurate) .

{sMessor denticornis} {Messor denticornis}Forel's (1910f) description is at {original description}. Forel's (1910e) description of brunni is at {original description}. Arnold (1920a: 411) gave a translation, this is at {original description} and of the varieties at {original description}. Bolton's modern description (1982) is at {original description}.

{Messor denticornis}The photomontage of a cotype is collated from Note the clypeus has a distinct raised step that appears to have been missed by Bolton.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Messor denticornis
B Taylor det.

South Africa
S Danflous

Kruger National Park
2528'51" S
3116'06" E
Pretoriuskop Rest Camp, Mpumalanga Province; 596m


{Messor denticornis polymorphism}The photomontage is of workers collected from South Africa, Kruger National Park, Pretoriuskop Rest Camp, Mpumalanga Province, S 2528'51" E 3116'06"; 596m; Sam Danflous, 11.xii.2007. see the linked page.

{Messor denticornis}The photomontage is adapted from the site at
Collection Information: Specimen Code CASENT0005906; Locality South Africa: Northern Cape: 1.5 km S Steinkopf; 2916'00"S 01744'24"E 750 m; Collection codes: BLF02112; Date: 12 Sep 1999; Collected by: B.L.Fisher; Method: ground foragers; Habitat: succulent karoo
Note - following Bolton's key would lead this specimen to being tropicorum as it has a distinct step on the posterior clypeus but the colour and head shape, and the tooth at the base of the scape match the description of denticornis.

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