The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Monomorium junodi Forel 1910e SA Shilouvane, Transvaal Junod new species, workers
Monomorium junodi Forel 1913a Zimbabwe Bulawayo G Arnold workers (?repeat record)
Monomorium junodi Santschi 1930a Angola Rio Mbale A Monard 1 worker
Monomorium junodi Bolton 1987x Botswana Xani Pan; Okavango Delta, Smits; Shorobe; Serowe A Russell-Smith; P Forchhammer workers
Monomorium junodi Bolton 1987x SA Nelspruit; Rosslyn M Samways; J C Faure; C P Lounsbury; R H Harris, etc workers
Monomorium junodi Bolton 1987x Zimbabwe Victoria Falls; Harare W L Brown; A Watsham workers
Monomorium junodi pretoriensis Arnold 1944x SA Pretoria J C Faure new variety, queen and workers; xii.1925

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