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Genus Monomorium
Monomorium malamixtum Bolton


Monomorium malamixtum Bolton

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Ivory Coast (Bolton, 1987: 423, not illustrated, worker & queen); collected at Man, Mt. Tonkoui, at 900 m (V. Mahnert & J.-L. Perret, 13.x.1980), holotype, 15 workers and 2 females; also 12 workers from Tai Forest (17.x.1980) (Bolton, 1987). Other material from Agboville, Yapo Forest, Tapo-Gare; and Banco National (I. Löbl, probably March 1977), and Dropleu (V. Mahnert & J.-L. Perret, October 1980) .

Bolton's description (1987) is at {original description}.

WORKER - TL 1.6-2.0 mm; minute species with eyes of a single ommatidium; colour brown .

Also from Togo, at Palimé, Klouto Forest (Vit) (Bolton, 1987).

Monomorium malamixtumThe photomontage is of a paratype worker collated from

Oxford University Museum specimens

Monomorium malamixtum
B Taylor det.
G Debout & A Dalecky
Cameroon 85

3°13.31' N
10°15.01' E
nest on a terrestrial termite nest

{Monomorium malamixtum}The photomontage is of specimens collected in Cameroun; south-western tropical coastal forest area between Edéa and Campo (McKey Wolbachia project, Cameroon 85)

This is dark brown and shiny in appearance, and, has the acute ridge behind the metanotal groove, characteristic of malamixtum. This suggests that Bolton (1987) was right to suspect that the darker forms he had seen from Cameroun may well have been this species rather than cryptobium

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