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Genus Nesomyrmex
Nesomyrmex cataulacoides (Snelling)

Nesomyrmex cataulacoides (Snelling)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Cameroun (Leptothorax cataulacoides, Snelling, 1992: 99, illustrated full profile, alitrunk and gaster dorsum, and full face, worker)
genus name change by Bolton (2003: 249) .

{Leptothorax cataulacoides}Snelling's (1992a) description is at {original description}.

WORKER - TL 1.73-1.85 mm; distinguished by the 11-segmented antennae, with SL<100; front and side of head opaque, densely and minutely shagreened; similar sculpturation on promesonotal dorsum; petiole without a noticeable anterior peduncle, and a long spine on each side; postpetiole with a much thicker spine on each side; gaster shiny and smooth; colour not given.

Collected from Big Ngwandi, Rumpi Hills, Southwest Province (14-15.xi.1989, D. McKey); holotype worker and 16 paratypes collected from the internodes of a myrmecophyte plant, Leonardoxa africana (Snelling, 1992). Spelling catalaucoides amended by Bolton (1995) to above, as derived from the genus Cataulacus (mis-spelt by Snelling as Catalaucus) because Snelling saw some similarity in the possession of sharp pronotal angles, petiolar spines and pronounced subpetiolar process.

{Nesomyrmex cataulacoides}The photomontage is of a paratype specimen, collated from

{Nesomyrmex cataulacoides}The photomontage is one of two specimens from Kenya, labelled as cataulacoides, collated from On the face of it the diagnosis seems highly unlikely as the type was described as found only in the internodes of a myrmecophyte that is unknown outside a narrow area of Cameroun; the specimen shown on the list is a Cameroun paratype but Antweb also has two specimens from Kenya collected by Snelling, one is shown here.  These differ somewhat from the Cameroun type, notably having a relatively longer head, shorter scapes, possibly smaller eyes, and generally much sharper coarse puncturation on the head. 

HL 0.57 HW 0.53 CI 93 SL 0.39 SI 74 OI 0.20 

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