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Genus Phasmomyrmex
Phasmomyrmex (Myrmorhachis) paradoxus (André

Phasmomyrmex (Myrmorhachis) paradoxus (André)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Gabon (Polyrhachis paradoxa nov. sp., André, 1892a: 46, worker) no location
subspecies cupreus (Santschi, 1923e: 293, worker) from Congo
junior synonym polyrhachoides (Camponotus polyrhachoides André nom. nov., Emery, 1898a: 227; Camponotus (Myrmacantha) polyrhachoides, Emery, 1920c: 30, queen, from Cameroun, Conradt; synonymy Emery, 1925b: 58, status reversed with recognition of the genus); worker only described (Bolton, 1973b, see Bolton, 1995). Image from Emery (1925b, Plate II, 13 & 13a) .

Phasmomyrmex paradoxusAndré's (1892a) description is at {original description}. Emery's (1920c) description of the queen is at {original description}.

Santschi (1923e) noted ssp cupreus, in comparison with the type, as having a slightly narrower posterior to the head; a shorter and apparently wider pronotum; and with the pubescence on the gaster being coppery as opposed to the paler gold covering on the type.

Wheeler (1922) listed findings from Sierra Leone, Liberia (at Grand Bassa by H. Brauns), Cameroun (Mundame by Conradt, Longji by Paschen); also others from Congo and Zaïre, 2 workers and 3 queens running on firewood.

Listed from Ghana, as Phasmomyrmex polyrhachoides, by Strickland (1951a) and Room (1971), as in 9 samples of his cocoa canopy collection. Room (1971) also found a positive association with Crematogaster depressa.

{Phasmomyrmex paradoxusThe photomontage of a cotype worker is collated from

{Phasmomyrmex paradoxus worker}The photomontage of a worker from the Central African Republic is collated from -

{Phasmomyrmex paradoxus queenThe photomontage of the polyrhachoides queen (as reported by Emery, 1920c) is collated from

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