The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Pheidole melancholica Santschi 1912b Ivory Coast Jacqueville J H Lohier new species, 4 soldiers & 8 workers
Pheidole melancholica Santschi 1914d Ghana Aburi F Silvestri soldier, workers & mermitegates
Pheidole melancholica Wasmann 1915b Zaire Stanleyville H Kohl host of Pheidole neokohli
Pheidole melancholica Wheeler 1922x Zaire Garamabe Lang & Chapin 6 soldiers, 5 workers, 7queens; from stomachs of toads
Pheidole melancholica Bernard 1952x Guinea Mt Nimba Lamotte numerous soldiers, workers & queens
Pheidole melancholica Room 1971x Ghana Mampong, one other location; Kade P Room; J Majer ?
Pheidole melancholica Taylor 2005w Nigera widespread B Taylor soldiers & workers (may be as common as megacephala)
Pheidole melancholica Taylor 2005w Cameroun Edea_campo, Nkolobounde & BOU McKey project soldiers & workers
Pheidole melancholica angulata Stitz 1911b Rwanda L Mohasi, east of L Kivu DZAE1 several soldiers & workers
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