The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Tapinoma luteum Emery 1895h SA Makapan E Simon new species, holotype worker
Tapinoma luteum Mayr 1907x Tanzania Meru Plain Y Sjostedt workers
Tapinoma luteum Santschi 1914b Kenya R Ramisi; Shimoni Alluaud & Jeannel workers
Tapinoma luteum Santschi 1914e SA Zululand, Umfolozis Tragardh 10 workers,
Tapinoma luteum Santschi 1935b Ethiopia Bourille, Omo R Jeannel & Chappuis several workers; in camouflage of a reduviid larva
Tapinoma luteum Bernard 1952x Guinea Mt Nimba, 3 locations Lamotte several workers
Tapinoma luteum emeryi Forel 1910x SA Natal Haviland new variety, all forms; common
Tapinoma luteum emeryi Forel 1912x Zimbabwe Bulawayo G Arnold all forms
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