The Ants of Africa
Genus Tetramorium
Tetramorium buthrum Bolton

Tetramorium buthrum Bolton

return to group key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Central African Republic (Bolton, 1980: 309, not illustrated, worker) collected at Haut Mbomu, Ubangi-Shari, by N.A. Weber, iii.1948; holotype plus two paratypes, also 2 workers from Niangara, Zare, by N.A. Weber .

Bolton's description (1980) is at {original description}.

WORKER - TL 2.2 mm; in simillimum complex, but without strong reticulo-punctate ground sculpture on the head; separated from Tetramotrium anxium by longer scapes and no more than 5 rugae between the eyes; dorsum of alitrunk and pedicel smooth and glossy; all surfaces with scattered short, stout, blunt hairs; colour dark brown, glossy, appendages lighter, yellowish brown. (Bolton, 1980, not illustrated).

{Tetramorium buthrum} The photomontage is of a paratype worker collated from

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