The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Tetramorium grassii Emery 1895h SA Cape Town, Kimberley E Simon new species, holotype worker; 1 queen (makes nests under stones in pine wooods, GA 1917)
Tetramorium grassii Mayr 1901b SA Port Elizabeth, Cape H Brauns workers
Tetramorium grassii Santschi 1914d SA Cape, Constencia F Silvestri 2 workers & 2 queens
Tetramorium grassii Bolton 1980x SA many locations many workers
Tetramorium grassii Bolton 1980x Swaziland King's Forest R Ghent workers
Tetramorium grassii Taylor 2005w SA Cape Town Botanical Gardens P Hlavac workers; i.2004
Tetramorium grassii algoa Arnold 1917x SA Port Elizabeth H Brauns new variety, workers & queen
Tetramorium grassii joffrei Forel 1914d SA Durban G Arnold new variety, workers & queen; nesting in a rotten, very moist tree stump
Tetramorium grassii laevigatum Mayr 1901b SA Port Elizabeth, Cape H Brauns new variety, workers
Tetramorium grassii simulans Santschi 1914e SA Natal, Richmond I Tragardh new strain, 3 workers 25.iii.1905

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