The Ants of Africa
Genus Aenictogiton
Aenictogiton attentuatus Santschi

Aenictogiton attentuatus Santschi

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location ZaÔre (Aenictus elongatus Sants. var. attenuatus n. var., Santschi 1919c: 247, illustrated, male; raised to species, Santschi, 1924b: 199) 300 km south of Kindu, by Burgeon .

{Aenictogiton attenuatus}Santschi (1924b, my translation) noted he raised it to species status as it was much more slender than elongatus, of which he formerly regarded it as a variety.
Further specimens from Congo (Belgian) - Lumbumbashi (Elizabethville), Pweto (Dr Gerard); Sankisia, (Dr Rodhain) - both single male specimens..

His original description (Santschi, 1919c) is at {original description}.
MALE - TL 5.5 mm; colour clear rust; head and gaster rust brown, lower thorax rust. Pilosity and sculpture as the type (elongatus); petiole a little narrower and more deeply convex below, with the inferior lobe only occupying a little more than one third of the median part of the node, it is higher in front and attenuated posteriorly. Wings brownish. Otherwise as elongatus.
Congo (Belgian), 300 km from Kindu, 22.iv.1914 (L. Burgeon), one specimen.

Aenictogiton attenuatusThe photomontage is a combination of the holotype male (head detached) and a second male collated from and

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