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Genus Aenictogiton
Aenictogiton schoutedeni Santschi

Aenictogiton schoutedeni Santschi

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Zare (Aenictogiton schoutedeni, n. sp., Santschi, 1924b: 198, illustrated,male) .

{Aenictogiton schoutedeni}Santschi's description (1924b, my translation) is at {original description} MALE - TL 8 mm; colour rust brown; head brown red; gaster and propodeum paler. Head and alitrunk covered with densely packed, often confluent, hair pits; this puncturation but less marked and more spaced out also occurs on the gaster. The overall ground is smooth and shiny. A yellowish hair arises from each pit, rather longer than those on fossiceps and a little shorter than on bequaerti. The hairs decumbent, fine and short on the gaster. The posterior angles of the petiole and genital valves with a long fringe. wings brown with veins and fringe blackish.
Head a little shorter than fossiceps with weakly convex sides towards the posterior angles which are rounded and narrowed. Eyes somewhat smaller, funiculus segments shorter and ocelli smaller than in fossiceps. Occiput border with a deep rounded concavity. Clypeal border weakly concave with long hairs, also on the mandibles; the latter, three times longer than wide at the base, are arcuate on the outer edge and slightly sinuous medially. The middle segments of the funiculus as similar in width and length. Alitrunk as wide in front as in the middle. Femora strongly expanded with their outer quarter narrowed and the internal face flat. The petiole is about a sixth longer than the posterior width, the sides straight and feebly diverging posteriorly (as in fossiceps but not as short) anterior border quite strongly concave, posterior less so; the median apex as wide as in sulcatus. The pygidium has a strong transverse impression in the posterior third.
Congo (Belgian); Luebo, collected by Dr Schouteden; one male specimen.

Aenictogiton schoutedeniThe photomontage is of the type male collated from

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