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SUBFAMILY MYRMICINAE - Genus Cardiocondyla - Cardiocondyla israelica Seifert

Cardiocondyla israelica Seifert

return to key  Type location Egypt (Seifert, 2003: 231, illustrated, worker) Sinai, 1935, W Wittmer; unjustifiably named israelica as the type location is in Egypt - no images on Antweb (March 2019).

{short description of image}Seifert's (2003) description is at {original description}. This cannot be readily verified as there are no type images on Antweb. The Sharaf specimen shown below, however, comes from a series listed as sighted by Seifert.

Egypt records - type specimen and one paratype worker from "Tor" = Al-Tor, administrative capital of South Sinai Governorate, 25.ii.1935, collector W Wittmer - originally labelled as syntypes of C. elegans var torretassoi [W Wittmer collections covered in Finzi, 1936]; 5 paratype workers, from 31 31" E, 30 36" N, Ebn Salam, Mansora, salty soil, Tamarix & Phragmites, collector Sharaf, 7.xi.2002 (samples No 23, 27 & 28)..

Others - 1 worker paratype from Neot Hakikar (Dead Sea), Israel, 21.iii.1980, collector Kugler; 1 gyne paratype, from Ein Agrabim, Israel, 22.iii.1980, collector Kugler.
Sharaf list - Material examined: Ebn Salam (El-Daqahliya, Egypt), 13.iv.1999 (8); Ebn Salam (El-Daqahliya, Egypt), 7.xi.2002 (9); Ebn Salam (El-Daqahliya, Egypt), 16.iv.1999 (1) (SHC); Ebn Salam (Daqahliya, Egypt), 13.v.1999 (16) Leg. M.R.Sharaf (ASUC).

Oxford University Museum specimens

Cardiocondyla israelica
B Taylor det.
M Sharaf

Ebu Salam
3110' N
3135' E
{original description}

{Cardiocondyla israelica}The photomontage is of specimens from Egypt, Mansurah, Ebu Salam; collector Mostafa Sharaf.

I have to say that I can see no great differences between this and the Seifert designated Cardiocondyla nigra. His stated colour difference of nigra being "usually concolorous dark to blackish brown" is not borne out by the photographs of the nigra holotype, although he stated also that "specimens with distinctly lighter mesosoma occasionally occur".

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