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SUBFAMILY CERAPACHYINAE - Genus Lioponera - Lioponera collingwoodi (Sharaf)

Lioponera collingwoodi (Sharaf)

return to key  Type location Egypt (Sharaf in Fadl et al, 2007: 237, holotype male only; genus placement by Borowiec, 2016) - no images on Antweb (March 2019).

{Cerapachys collingwoodi}Sharaf's (2007) description is at {original description}

Egypt record - Port Said (Sharaf list).

Note - without sighting the type male on cannot be sure but there seems little to separate this from the earlier Cerapachys noctambulus Santschi (1910), from Tunisia, and the Egyptian males described as Lioponera alfieri and Lioponera alfierii (Cerapachys aegyptiacus) by Donisthorpe ( 1939a). Indeed it seems all four males may be synonymous, with the question then as to whether they are synonymous with Cerapachys longitarsus (Mayr, 1879), type location India.

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