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SUBFAMILY MYRMICINAE - Genus Crematogaster
Crematogaster (Crematogaster) antaris (Forel)

Crematogaster (Crem.) antaris (Forel)

return to key Type location Algeria (Crematogaster Auberti Emery r. C. Antaris new stirps, Forel, 1894d: 26, worker & queen; raised to species Santschi, 1921d: 71; Collingwood, 1985: 260)
subspecies sordida (Crematogaster auberti r laestrygon var sordida, Forel, 1894d: 26; Forel, 1909c: 104, worker; as Cremastogaster antaris Em. v. Sordida For., Santschi, 1921d: 71) from Algeria.

Forel's (1894d) description is at {original description}. Forel (1909c: 104) wrote (my translation) "The Cremastogaster laestrygon Emery seems to constitute a different species distinct from auberti, due to its distinctly bordered pronotum ... The typical auberti has the pronotum rounded laterally and it is the same for its varieties and subspecies laevithorax For., antaris For. sordida For., mosis For. johovae  For., iberica For., vogti For.". Santschi's (1921d) description of sordida is at {original description}.

Egypt records - Wheeler & Mann (1916) reported it from Mt Sinai, Sinai Peninsula.

{Crematogaster antaris}The photomontage of the type worker is collated from

{Crematogaster (Cr.) antaris sordida}Forel's (1894d) description of sordida as a variety of auberti was - WORKER - TL 2.8-3.7 mm; head, alitrunk and pedicel brown-red or yellow; propodeal spines a little longer than Crematogaster maura; sculpture more feeble. Similar to Crematogaster inermis; but with two small teeth or spines on the propodeum.
The photomontage of the type worker is collated from

Oxford University Museum specimens

Crematogaster (Crematogaster) antaris
B Taylor det.
M James
2833' N
3356' E
St Katherine protectorate around the town of St Katherine, in mountains above 1500m 2

{Crematogaster antaris major}

The photomontage is of a major worker from the Sinai Desert, Egypt, St Katherine protectorate around the town of St Katherine, in mountains above 1500m, in early 2002; collector Mike James. This is somewhat larger than the type description but matches the size of sordida. The minor shown below is a good match for the type form shown above..

{Crematogaster antaris minor}

The photomontage is of a minor worker, as above.
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