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SUBFAMILY FORMICINAE - Genus Lasius Fabricius

Genus Lasius Fabricius (1804: 415)

In Tribe Lasiini.

Diagnostic Features - worker size small to medium; bodies robust, with head massive relative to the alitrunk; palpal segmentation 6, 4; mandibles with 7-12 teeth folowing the typical formicine pattern; alitrunk not conspicuously constricted or otherwise specialised, mesonotum profile typically convex; propodeal spiracle round; petiole scale profile prominent, erect and typically symmetrical (after Wilson, 1955a: 10).

Fabricius' (1804) genus description is at {original description}. Wilson (1955a: 9) made an extensive genus revision which has been surpassed by Seifert's (1992) comprehensive revision of the Palaearctic species, this is at {original description}.

Egyptian species - Lasius lasioides (Emery)

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