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Lepisiota depilis (Emery)

Petiole with short spines

Body colour black; with pale short, erect hairs - depilis-group

Lepisiota depilis (Emery)

return to key  Type location Somalia (Acantholepis capensis sottosp. depilis n. subsp., Emery, 1897e: 602, worker & queen; raised to species Collingwood, 1985: 294) .

Emery's (1897e) description is on {original description}. Compared with capensis, head more truncate with less rounded corners, erect hairs short more scarce, on gaster dorsum restricted to tranverse row at posterior of each segment; pubescence less copious; overall subopaque, metanotum and propodeum opaque. He added that the queen he had described earlier (Emery, 1892a) under L. carbonaria appeared to be the queen of depilis, see {original description}.

WORKER - TL 2.2-2.4 mm; HL slightly > HW; scapes surpassing occiput by over 1/3 of their own length; petiole with feeble teeth; moderately abundant yellowish-white pilosity, pubescence sparse white appressed ; black, appendages blackish-brown.

No records from Egypt.

{Lepisiota depilis}The photomontage of the type worker is collated from
The minute appressed pubescence on the head, especially, is quite distinctive. It does seem, however, that the term "depilis" is a misnomer as fresh specimens, as shown below, have quite abundant long erect hairs.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Lepisiota depilis
B Taylor det.

J Mathews
JM 351

1151' N
3415' E
Damazine Plantation, Blue Nile
pyrethrum fogging of Acacia senegal


Lepisiota depilisThe photomontage is of a worker from Sudan, collected by J Mathews, by pyrethrum fogging of Acacia senegal. Blue Nile, Khordonia, Damazine Plantation,  1151' N 3415' E; 12.x.2001, JM 351; one specimen mounted, numerous others, JM 351.

Clypeus with distinctive raised median carina; eyes near flat (ca 0.4 x length of side of head); alitrunk relatively short and stocky, pronotum quite strongly domed; petiole scale weakly bispinose, head narrowed anteriorly but in profile convex on both upper and lower sides, occiptum feebly impressed; erect hairs moderately long and slender off-white (ca 0.10 mm long). head quite shaggy due to decumbent pubescence; overall uniform dark brown-black. The type description has petiole scale effectively unarmed, head, pronotum and mesonotum subopaque. This is shinier but seems a good match.
TL ca 2.4 mm, HL 0.61, HW 0.54, CI 88, SL 0.69, SI 124, PW 0.37, eye length 0.20
Khordonia 2 trees (351 only 12; 370 3 plus very many others).

Lepisiota depilisThe photomontage is of a worker from Sudan, Dinder National Park; collected by Awatif Omer (Sudan 30)

Lepisiota depilisThe photomontage is of a worker from Ethiopia, Abijata National Park; collected by A Pauly

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