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Messor aegyptiacus (Emery)

Messor aegyptiacus (Emery)

return to key  Type location Egypt (Aphaenogaster barbara L. var. aegyptiaca, Emery, 1878b: 57, worker & queen; Emery, 1908e: 452, male - using name Messor barbarus aegyptiacus Emery; raised to species Santschi, 1923f: 320) - see below
brevispinosus (Messor aegyptiacus Em. var. brevispinosus Stitz, n. var., Santschi, 1923f: 322, worker) from Morocco - see
canaliculatus (Messor aegyptiacus Emery subspecies canaliculatus subsp. n., Donisthorpe, 1944a: 1, illustrated, soldier & worker) from Algeria, Mr Pickles - see below
felah (Messor aegyptiacus Em. var. felah n. var., Santschi, 1923f: 321, illustrated, major & minor workers) from Egypt - see
phasianicus (Bernard, 1953a: 143, in key) from Algeria - see
tunetinus (Messor barbarus aegyptiacus Emery var. tunetina n., Emery, 1922c: 96; Santschi, 1923f: 321, worker; Finzi, 1930b: 14, queen) - see

hoggarensis (Santschi, 1929c: 98, illustrated, worker & queen) from Algeria - raised to species Cagniant & Espadaler (1998: 427) - see

{Messor aegyptiacus}Emery's (1878b) description is at {original description}. Emery's (1908e) description is at {original description}.

Messor aegyptiacus varietiesSantschi's (1923f) review is at {original description}, illustrations right.

Recorded by André (1884b: 245) from Sudan, collected by Dr Paolo Magretti, workers.

{Messor aegyptiacus}The photomontage of a major worker, presumably from the type collection, is collated from
The small label refers to the Stitz species Messor regalis sculpturatus.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Messor aegyptiacus
B Taylor det.

M F Ali

El Minia
Hand collected


{Messor aegyptiacus}The photomontage is of a media 1 worker from Egypt; El Minia; collector M Fadl Ali.

{Messor aegyptiacus}The photomontage is of a media worker from Egypt; Ferlo; collector Fadl Ali.

{Messor aegyptiacus}The photomontage is of a minor worker from Egypt; Ferlo; collector Fadl Ali.

{Messor aegyptiacus}The photomontage is of a large media worker from Sudan; Al Musawart; collector Awatif Omer.

{Messor aegyptiacus}The photomontage is of a worker collected and photographed by Mostafa Sharaf in Egypt.

{Messor aegyptiacus canaliculatus}The photomontage of the canaliculatus type is collated from

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