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Messor maculifrons Santschi

Messor maculifrons Santschi

return to key  Type location Syria (Messor barbarus st. semirufus var maculifrons, Santschi, 1917e: 91, worker; Santschi, 1927c: 228, worker, no additional information; raised to species G Thomé & H Tohmé, 1981: 143) - no images on Antweb (March 2019).

Messor maculifronsSantschi's (1917e) description is at {original description} Thomé & Thomé's (1981) description is at {original description}

Egypt record - Finzi (1936: 159), from Cairo, Wadi Hoff, 8.iii.1933; differing from type by having some microscopic reticulation on the gaster giving a dullish appearance (type gaster is smooth and shiny).

Mohamad thesis (1979) had - Shatbi (Alexandria), 31.vii.1914 (Det.Alfieri) (Coll.Alf.).

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