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Messor medioruber (Forel)

Messor medioruber (Forel)

return to key  Type location Tunisia (Stenamma (Messor) barbarum r capitatum var mediorubra, Forel, 1905b: 176, worker & queen; Messor barbarus L. stirps mediorubra Forel, Santschi, 1910a: 44, all forms, raised to species Cagniant, 1968a: 143 [name in list])
maurus (Messor sublaeviceps var maurus, Santschi, 1927c: 244, worker & queen; also Santschi, 1936c: 200) from Tunisia -
montanus (Messor sublaeviceps var montanus, Santschi, 1927c: 242, worker) from Algeria - see
postquadratus (Messor sublaeviceps st postquadratus, Santschi, 1932f: 516, worker) from Niger, Tougourt, 11.xii.1932, A Leclerq- see
sublaeviceps (Messor barbarus stirps meridionalis var sublaeviceps, Santschi, 1910a: 45; Messor sublaeviceps Santschi, 1927c: 241, worker & queen; ssp status Cagniant, 1970a: 416) from Tunisia

{Messor medioruber}Forel's (1905b) description simply states (my translation) - "identical to aegyptiaca Em. but "submutique", seemingly with angular tubercles rather than edentate. Differs from minor in having a brown head. Much smaller than meridionalis - TL 3 to 6 mm. Queen - TL 10 mm, entirely black". Santschi's (1910a) description is at {original description} Santschi's (1927c) description of sublaeviceps is at {original description} Santschi's (1927c) descriptions of montanus and maura is at {original description}.

Egypt record - reported by Viehmeyer (1923: 87) as collected from the Arabian Desert near Cairo, by F Werner, 4.ii.1914

{Messor medioruber}The photomontage of a worker from Tunisia, as in the Santschi (1927c) records for laeviceps is collated from

{Messor medioruber maurus}The photomontage is of a specimen from Egypt, taken by Mostafa Sharaf. This clearly differs from the type form and has the red colour and minute propodeal spines referred to by Santschi (1927c).

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