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SUBFAMILY MYRMICINAE - Genus Pheidole - Pheidole fadli Sharaf

Pheidole fadli Sharaf

return to key MAJOR return to key MINOR Type location Egypt (Sharaf in Fadl et al, 2007: 240, illustrated, major and minor workers).

Sharaf's (2007) description is at {original description}

Sharaf Records - Holotypes: (1 major worker, 1 minor worker), Egypt, Aswan, Nagh El-Shadeed, 8.III.2003; N:24.05' E:32 56', M.R.Sharaf; Paratypes: 12 minor workers, same series as holotype; 12 minor workers, Fiala temple, Aswan, 7.III.2003, N:24.05' E:32 56'; M.R.Sharaf.

Although this appears to be a quite distinct species and certainly is unlike any other known from the circum-Mediterranean area, it bears a curious similarity to Pheidole ryukyuensis Ogata, 1982. That, somewhat larger, species is shown at the bottom of this page.

Pheidole fadli majorThe photomontage of a paratype major worker is collated from

TL ca 4.0 mm, HL 1.19, HW 1.19, SL 0.67, PW 0.55, CI 100, SI 57.

Pheidole fadli majorThe photomontage of a paratype minor worker is collated from

{Pheidole fadli minor}The photomontage is of a minor from Egypt. Other images can be seen in the folder at - {album}.

{Pheidole ryukyuensis}

Pheidole ryukyuensis Ogata - for comparison

Type location Japan (Ogata, 1982: 193, illustrated, major and minor workers and queen).

Ogata's (1982) description is at {original description}

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