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SUBFAMILY FORMICINAE - Genus Plagiolepis - Plagiolepis (Plagiolepis) ancyrensis Santschi

Plagiolepis (Plagiolepis) ancyrensis Santschi

return to key Type location Turkey (Plagiolepis maura var ancyrensis, Santschi, 1920g: 171, illustrated, worker & queen; Finzi, 1936: 184, male, from Egypt); all forms described - see type below

{Plagiolepis ancyrensis}Santschi's (1920g) description is at {original description}. Finzi's (1936) note, with description of the male, is at {original description}.

Egyptian Records - Finzi (1936) numerous records from Cairo area and from Sinai.

Plagiolepis ancyrensisThe photomontage of a type worker is collated from

Plagiolepis ancyrensisNasser 19; from a Cascabela thevetia tree in the Orman Botanical Garden, Gizeh, Cairo, 3001'45"N 3112'47"E, 20.vii.2016, 5 workers.
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