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SUBFAMILY FORMICINAE - Genus Polyrhachis Shuckard

Genus Polyrhachis F.Smith (1857a: 58)


Diagnostic Features - Antennae 12-segmented, with the scapes inserted some distance behind the posterior clypeal margin. Eyes well developed. Mandibles usually with five, rarely four teeth. Pronotum armed with a pair of spines, teeth or tubercules; the propodeum usually similarly armed or with a pair of ridges, rarely with only a single transverse ridge or unarmed. Promesonotal suture usually present, development of the metanotal groove variable. Margination of the alitrunk variable, often present and complete but showing all stages through to a fully emarginate condition. Petiole usually with four but occasionally two or six spines or teeth of variable configuration. Acidopore not borne upon a conical projection of the hypopigium, usually concealed by the pygidium when not in use (Bolton, 1975)

F Smith's (1857a) genus definition is at {original description}.

Egyptian species - Polyrhachis lacteipennis F Smith

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