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Solenopsis occipitalis Santschi

Solenopsis occipitalis Santschi

return to key Type location Tunisia (Santschi, 1911f: 83, worker), collected at An-Draham, Le Kef, by Dr. Normand; 12 specimens

{Solenopsis occipitalis}Santschi's (1911f) description is at {original description}.

Santschi (1934e: 575) listed further findings from Algeria, Philippeville, x.1930, Dr Normand, worker; Tunisia, Hammamet, worker, Sousse (Dr. Normand) worker, Ghardiamou (Forel, queen received under the name S. fugax Latr.).

{Solenopsis occipitalis}The photomontage of the furtiva type worker is collated from

{Solenopsis occipitalis}Egypt records - 1 worker, Mafareq (South Sinai), 5.III.1998; 28.42: N; 33.19:E. (M. R. Sharaf).

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