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SUBFAMILY AMBLYOPONINAE - revised status published by Bolton (2003: 41) - Genera - Amblyopone; Concoctio; Mystrium and Prionopelta.

Diagnostic Features - Elongated mandibles, pointed at the apex, but not as long as the head, and the tooth row on the inner margin single. Finely sculptured.

Genus Stigmatomma Roger (1859: 250) - revived from synonymy (with Amblyopone) by Yoshimura & Fisher (2012: 17)


Diagnostic Features - Pedicel of a single segment, with a very broad connection to the gaster (the helcium) so that the petiole is without a distinct posterior face. Eyes usually present; clypeus well developed so that the antennal insertions are some distance behind the anterior margin of the head. Genae usually not carinate. Frontal carinae usually at least partially cover the antennal insertions, if not then the dorsum of the alitrunk is without sutures. Pygidium never impressed or armed with spines or denticles. Alitrunk dorsally usually with at least one suture.

From Bolton (1995) three species Stigmatomma emeryi, Stigmatomma gaetulica and Stigmatomma normandi have type locations in North Africa.
As Stigmatomma normandi, type location Tunisia, also is reported from Israel, it is included here as a likely finding in Egypt

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