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Tapinoma erraticum (Latreille)

Tapinoma erraticum (Latreille)

return to list Type location France (Formica erratica, Latreille, 1798: 44, all forms) - neotype images at
junior synonyms - all synonymised by Dlussky, Soyunov & Zabelin, 1990: 169)
collina (Tapinoma collina, Foerster, 1850a, worker & queen; synonymy Schenck, 1852: 67) from Germany - no images on Antweb (March 2019)
glabrella (Formica glabrella, Nylander, 1849: 38, worker; synonymy F Smith, 1855a: 111) from Russia - no images on Antweb (March 2019)
caerulescens (Formica caerulescens, Losana, 1834: 314, illustrated, worker; synonymy Mayr, 1865: 62) from Italy - no images on Antweb (March 2019)
breve (Tapinoma breve, Emery, 1925d: 60, illustrated, worker) from Turkestan - see
nigerrima (Formica nigerrima, Nylander, 1856b: 71, worker; and junior synonyms ibericum, Santschi, 1925g: 349, male, from Spain; and magnum, Mayr, 1861: 41, queen & male from Italy) from France - see
tauridis (Emery, 1925d: 59, illustrated, all forms) from Ukraine - see
transcaucasica (Tapinoma tauridis subsp. transcaucasica, Karavaiev, 1927d: 337, worker & male) from Turkestan - see
bononiensis (Emery, 1925d: 55, worker & queen; synonymy Atanassov & Dlussky, 1992: 192) from Italy - (yellow brown form see
atomum (Formica atomum, Latreille, 1798: 44, worker) from France - no images on Antweb (March 2019)
madeirense (Tapinoma erraticum var. madeirense, Forel, 1895d: 231, worker) from Madeira I - see (queen)
platyops (Tapinoma erraticum var. platyops, Emery, 1925d: 56, illustrated, all forms) from Switzerland - see
see Shattuck (1994: 143 [unavailable]).

{Tapinoma erraticum}Latreille's description is at {original description}. André (1881-6: 222) gave a full illustrated description of all forms, with notes; this is at {original description}, with the illustrations on {original description}.

Tapinoma erraticum was illustrated by Emery (1916b).

{Tapinoma erraticum} Egypt records - listed without details as variety nigerrima known from Egypt by André (1881-6: 222); from Gebel Asfar, Abu-Rawash, Port Said, Burg El-Arab, Marsa Matrouh, Al-Ayiat (Giza), Baharyia oasis, Wadi Rishrash (Sharaf list).

Mohamad thesis (1979) had - Egypt,(Det.Crawley,1927) (Coll.Alf.) Max (Alexandria), 21.iv.1952; Abu Manna, 8.iv.1954; Gebel Asfar (Qaliobyia), 20.iii.1955; Abu Rawash, 4.iii.1957; Port Said, 21.iii.1975; Burg El-Arab (Alexandria), 26.iii.1975; Marsa Matrouh, 7.iv.1976; El-Aiyat (Giza), 2.vii.1976; Baharyia oasis (Western desert), 19.i.1978 (Coll.Ain.) Idfina, ii.1933 (Coll.Min.) Wadi Rishrash, 9.iii.1935 (Coll.Car.) Egypt, (Det.Crawley,1927) (Coll.Soc.)

{Tapinoma erraticum}The photomontage is of workers from Yugoslavia, sent to BT by Armin Ionescu, Tel Aviv University

{Tapinoma erraticum Iran}The photomontage is of specimens from Iran, ZMGU 1406; collected by Omid Paknia. Other specimens labelled ZMGU 1417 also were examined.

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