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SUBFAMILY MYRMICINAE - Genus Tetramorium - Tetramorium depressiceps Menozzi

Tetramorium depressiceps Menozzi

return to key Type location Israel (Tetramorium semilaeve ssp. depressiceps, Menozzi, 1933b, illustrated, all forms described; raised to species by Collingwood, 1985) - no type images on Antweb (March 2019)

{short description of image} {Tetramorium depressiceps}Menozzi's (1933b) description is at {original description} and {original description}.

Collingwood (1985) separated it out by - tibiae with stout suberect hairs; petiole node unsculptured and shiny; head and alitrunk with no more than weak sculpturation; dorsum of head depressed medially; alitrunk sculpture weak, propodeal spines short but acute.
He noted it as common in the upland pastures of the Asir Mountians in Saudi Arabia; recorded from several Middle East countries, including Lebanon, Palestine and the type locality, Sinai.

 Egypt records - Mohamed et al. (2001) had it (misspelt as depressicepes and deprrssicepes) as a new record for the Sinai (Egyptian).
Sharaf list - material examined: Sallant (El-Mansoura), 19.viii.2003 (4); Wadi El-Arbaein, St.Catherine (South Sinai), 3.iv.1998 (1) (SHC); Wadi El-Talaa, St.Catherine (South Sinai), 15.xi.1998 (1) Leg.M.R.Sharaf (ASUC).

{Tetramorium depressiceps}The photomontage of a worker from Saudi Arabia is collated from

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