The Ants of Africa
Genus Axinidris
Axinidris kinoin Shattuck

Axinidris kinoin Shattuck

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Nigeria (Shattuck, 1991: 115, illustrated, alitrunk and propodeal views, worker) .

{Axinidris kinoin} Nigeria specimen (as Engramma denticulatum, Taylor, 1978: 47). WORKER. TL 3.2 mm, HL 0.82, HW 0.76, SL 0.68, PW 0.51
Colour deep red-brown, extremities lighter, shiny. Erect hairs sparse on head and gaster, a few only on the pronotum of the alitrunk. Abundant pubescence especially on the mesonotum and propodeum. Alitrunk distinctly waisted in metanotal region. Propodeum with an obtuse posterodorsal angle and two blunt lateral denticles. The petiole node is thickened anteriorly (Shattuck, 1991).

Collected by me near ground level on vegetation at the edge of a CRIN plantation road, West Block, opposite cocoa W22; probably nesting in dead wood on the bushes and sharing foraging area with Cataulacus moloch. The specimens became the designated holotype and paratype workers (Shattuck, 1991). Shattuck seems not to have seen the labels or my Field Guide. Snelling (2007) also made no reference to my Field Guide nor to the information on this website (first posted in 1998).

The similar species Axinidris denticulatum (Wheeler), is known from Zare (as Engramma denticulatum, by Wheeler, 1922a; Shattuck, 1991); and is separable by its lesser sculpturation, lighter colour and smaller size.

{Axinidris kinoin} The photomontage is of the holotype worker; collated from

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